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Anonymous asked: you sir, are correct. 4 self absorbed faggots playing happy hardcore will never change the world, no matter what 'charity' they set up.

haha Love it :P

crapnek asked: Amazon!:]

Oooooh. Thank You :)

Anonymous asked: lol sounds good mature know it all

I’m sorry. Don’t set up an Enter Shikari style protest in response to my answers.

Anonymous asked: please do. because that doesn't say anything about them having their own show on mtv.

I will :) 

In the mean time i’ll let you listen to your pretentious as shit, hypocrite band.

Anonymous asked: Ive never seen enter shikari on MTV. So Pics or it didn't happen babe.


there’s a link to the mtv site. I’ll take a pic when they’re on mtv, again…

Anonymous asked: enter shikari has done activities to back the messages stated in their lyrics. there's articles about their charity work as well as the protests and etc they have been a part of.

Pics or it didn’t happen babe.

Anonymous asked: i've never seen enter shikari on mtv... does mtv even play music anymore?

they do. they had their own show. something like Enter shikari’s british headbangers or something similar.


At Enter Shikari fans getting butt hurt over my last post. For an “Anti-Capitalist” group of guys, they sure do appear on MTV a lot.

Also Step Up HQ will never save the world.